A video course introduction to the harp for composers!

THe Composer's Harp Lesson

A systemic, cohesive


all in one place.

This course is a perfect intro to


you need to write for the harp.

In this course, you will learn harp technique, as I would teach it to any beginning student, including the pedals.


You'll understand why the harp is so different from piano and how to approach writing for it.


You'll also learn about all the fun extended techniques that are possible on this instrument!


Which is why I've named it....

The Composer's Harp Lesson

This course includes over 2 hours of videos,

recorded from a live workshop that discuss:

Harp Basics, Extended Techniques, 

Harp pedals, Harp Notation, and Q&A from the live participants

Here's what is included!

Now, if you were to take the equivalent private lessons to learn the material covered in

The Composer's Harp Lesson Workshop, the cost would come to well over $200,

not including the instrument rental

(starting at an additional $200/month, IF you can find a pedal harp available)

However, I am offering these videos for



This includes LIFETIME access to the course, so you can watch and reference as frequently as you need!

Just in case, here's a few answers to some Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a harp?

No, I'll demonstrate all the techniques for you! The goal of the course is to give you a thorough understanding of harp technique, even if you don't have access to a instrument.

What if I'm not a composer?

Although this course is designed for composers, the content is not composition-specific and would be helpful for any musical professional looking to learn more about the harp. This workshop would especially be helpful for conductors or orchestra/band directors!

Will the recordings be Zoom quality? 

They'll be better! Although these videos were from a live workshop, I recorded each session with external equipment, so the recordings will actually be far better quality than the Zoom sessions!