The Composer's Harp Cohort

A group program designed to provide you with the guidance you need to write for the harp confidently AND be prepared for future projects!

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This 3-month program is for composers who want to refine their harp writing.

If you’re ready to write creatively for the harp, push boundaries, learn nuances,

and write music that harpists want to play, this is for you! 


Here's a little of what it will include:

- Real-time support from me as you complete your work

- Community interaction for feedback and support

- Study of the right harp repertoire to give you ideas of what works well

- Guest masterclasses from other collaborative harpists

- AND an opportunity to have your piece recorded professionally!

Summer 2021 Session (In progress)

The Summer 2021 session is currently running from June 7-September 3.

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What is the Composer's Harp Cohort?

The Composer's Harp Cohort is a 3-month online summer group program. We combine individual coaching with group support so that you can successfully navigate all the details of writing for the harp. We'll integrate group calls, community support, score study, guest masterclasses, and record your piece at the end!

How will harp writing help my career?

People like to hear and see the harp. It still feels like an exotic instrument to many people. However, few composers have mastered the instrument, especially if they aren't a harpist themselves. The harp has a lot of potential, but we need dedicated, creative, and innovative composers to pioneer the next stage of development.

Also, harpists talk to each other. When we find a composer who knows how to write for the harp, we tell each other about it! We seek this composer out and encourage more compositions. We perform the music! This leads to score sales and more commissions for you.

Don't I just need 1 or 2 score reviews to get a piece ready? Why is the program 3 months long?

When composers come to me for score feedback, the piece is usually mostly complete. If there's anything unplayable, we often have to reconstruct the entire piece. Often, the result is a fragmented, patched version of the original concept. Far too frequently, the piece is still is not completely compatible for the harp.

HOWEVER, if I can walk with you from the beginning and throughout the entire process, we can continually refine your ideas. We'll be able to adapt your foundational ideas to the harp before you develop the piece. And the result will be a piece that you KNOW will work on the harp!

Plus, The Composer's Harp Cohort includes SO MUCH MORE than only score review! You'll learn from the ideas that other composers develop, ideas you might want to pursue in the future. You'll learn how to study harp score and decipher playable from unplayable--both examples are found in the standard repertoire! You'll also be inspired by guest masterclasses from other collaborative harpists who are active in the new music community.

I'm in other programs, will I have time for this?

The scheduled events are 3-4 group calls per month. Outside of that, the other activities and assignments are on your own schedule! The time commitment depends on the scope of the music you plan to write and that can be flexible from week to week.

What if I don't have any harp projects right now? Is this for me?

I do welcome composers to bring existing harp projects. But, this program is also designed to give you a thorough introduction to harp writing. We'll focus the first month on score study and harp notation conventions and then start exploring the unique capabilities of the harp. You could absolutely use this program to delve into a solo piece to help you master harp writing and prepare you for future projects! (Don't forget that you can take advantage of having your harp piece recorded at the end of the program. You are writing a piece that WILL be performed!)