What if a Performer Doesn't Like Your Music?

I’m serious, there’s so many musicians out there with a huge range of diverse interests. You can always find someone who enjoys the type of music you write.

Remember, performers are your ambassadors. They bring your music to life. You need performers who are completely invested in your music, your mission.

If the performer isn’t completely sold on your music, that will come through in the performance and hinder your ability to connect with your audience. Performers are quite literally your “sales team” and a play a huge role in your overall success as a composer.

What about the performers who don’t like your music?

First, listen to their criticisms. Don’t completely discount their opinion, because they may have valid points. Are they frustrated by the way your music fits (or doesn’t fit) their instrument or voice? Is your engraving unclear and difficult to read? If so, their frustrations aren’t related to the music itself. And these are things that you can change and improve.

But, is their indifference more preference-related? Do they just think your music is “weird”, “too pretty”, or “too difficult”? If so, then move on and find someone else who does connect with your musical ideas and artistic vision.

I’ll share some practical tips in a later post (probably next Friday!) about how to find, approach, and connect with performers. What questions and challenges do you have? Let me know in the comments!

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