My favorite resources for Harp Writing and Notation

You'll want to bookmark this post because these are THE BEST resources to have around when you dig into harp writing!


I love how this book gives very down-to-earth guidance on writing for the harp. If you have very little previous experience with the harp, you NEED this book in your library! This book is one of the few resources that also addresses writing for the lever harp.

This book focuses on extended techniques, so if that is something you are interested in pursuing, this book is a necessity!

In my humble opinion, this book is the MOST thorough, comprehensive, and easy to understand resource available right now. It's up-to-date (unlike many of the other books) and fully delves into the capabilities of today's harp.

Note: Another well-known resource is Stanley Chaloupka's Harp Scoring. I find that this book is helpful as a quick reference guide, but is not very detailed and some of the guidelines are out of date based on current harpist notation preferences.


This website is a doctoral project by harpist Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir. It is an invaluable resource with notation examples and video demonstrations. I use this website daily, even as a harpist!

This website was created by harpists Sabien Canton and Miriam Overlach. It includes tips, notation examples, video demonstrations, and a database of new compositions for harp!

As a companion to her book, Yolanda Kondonassis has compiled a collection of resources, including special effects symbols for Sibelius!

I (Danielle) created this group in Summer 2020 as a discussion forum for harpists and composers to dialogue about harp notation. It's a lively group and it's a great place to get quick feedback on your projects!

Do you have other favorite resources? Let me know in the comments!