Finding Performers for your Compositions Part 2

The tips in my last post in this series centered around networking and connecting with performers. These next few tips focus on the collaboration process.

🌟 Be realistic about the timeline

Contemporary music usually integrates a lot of unfamiliar or brand new techniques and musical styles and hence, often takes far more time investment than a standard orchestra concert set. You may need to allow months of preparation for a solid performance.[if they aren’t available, ask when you if you can follow up in x months]

🌟 Be available to meet throughout the preparation process

When playing music by living composers, musicians often feel extra pressure to interpret the music correctly, especially if previous recordings are not available! We want to interpret the music the way you envision. If you want to leave interpretive decisions up to the performer(s), tell us that too!

🌟 Be open to suggestions and revisions

If you’re writing for a less familiar (to you) instrument, the music may need tweaks to be performable. This is especially true if it has not been seen by another performer! Factor time for this into the planning and ensure make yourself available for questions and experimenting. And most importantly, set a date to deliver the final version so that the performer has adequate time to prepare for the performance. I promise, we want to do your music justice and help you create something that other people will want to play too!

🌟 Be sure to put everything in writing

Even if there’s no exchange of money, it helps to have some sort of contract (or even a summary email) with an agreement of dates, check-ins, and performance plans. Amending/revising an existing contract is usually easier than not having one at all!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips! Save this post for future reference ✌️

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