Finding Performers for Your Compositions, Part 1

Is your biggest challenge finding musicians to perform your music?

Are musicians too busy, not interested, or both?

Why do performers drop everything for a routine orchestra gig but are non-committal about a composer concert series?

It’s true, not all musicians are interested in contemporary music. But there’s plenty of us who are! Here’s Part 1 with some tips on how to find performers for your music!

🌟 Look at similar composers and take note of who performs their music.

I.e. use social networking and seeing who knows who. You may not have access to the exact same performers, but go ahead and follow them on social media. See who knows who and you’ll likely find other musicians who are looking for new music opportunities. (Hint: all the cool musicians hang out on Twitter! Search the #musochat hashtag)

🌟 Build a relationship before a sending a performance request

Cold DMs rarely work. I almost never listen to YouTube links that I get sent by new contacts. However, if I’ve already started communicating with someone, I’ll go out of my way to listen to their music, attend performances, and fit a collaboration into my schedule.

🌟 Offer to pay, if possible

Unfortunately, performers do rely on paying gigs for our livelihood. If we’re invested in a project, we will do our best to work with your budget, but paying gigs have to take priority and the bulk of our preparation time. If you are able to pay, this helps us move your project higher up on our priority list!

👀 Stay tuned for part 2 with some suggestions on the timeline and the collaboration process!

Do you struggle to find performers for your projects? What other advice do you have?

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