December 4th Harp Writing Workshop

As I've explored the current harp writing resources available online, I've noticed that there's plenty of "how-to" tutorials (how to write glissandos, what the harp pedals do, demonstrations of arpeggios, etc., etc.) However, assistance is lacking in the practical application and guidance of how to take your writing, your compositional ideas, your strategic parameters, and fit those into the harp's unique capabilities. While I would absolutely LOVE to work with each of you individually, I want to start by offering a resource that will give you some direction as you move forward on your current solo, ensemble, and orchestral writing.

The workshop will walk you through my editing process as I work through, explain, and demonstrate (at the harp) some brand new harp parts and sketches. I'll show you what works well, what doesn't, and illustrate some (often simple) solutions to common challenges. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions during each segment and later during a dedicated Q & A time. I would love for all of you to join live and have the opportunity to ask questions; however, I will also provide a recording of the workshop afterward in case of any schedule (or time zone) conflicts or if you want to re-watch certain sections.

Details: The workshop is on December 4, 2020, 3:30-4:30pm EST (GMT-5). Cost is $37USD/participant. The first FIVE participants to register are welcome to submit a one-page score for workshop review and FREE follow-up written feedback and score edits (usually $45!). Grab your spot today via the link in bio. Please comment or DM me with any questions!

Register here!

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