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Help commission a new harp work from a living composer!

Do you need more

Contemporary Intermediate harp music?

Do you need...

  • ...fun music to learn, but don't want to spend all day practicing?

  • ...more accessible repertoire options for your students?

  • ...an intro to contemporary idioms in a less difficult context?

Like you, I've always struggled to find music that meets this criteria, both for myself and for my students!

Harp Consortium for Intermediate Solo

What if you had a composer to write a collection of engaging and enjoyable pieces that

introduces contemporary styles in an intermediate-level context? 

"I don't know any composers"

"I can't afford to commission this on my own."

"Wouldn't a collaboration like this take a lot of time?"

I am so excited to host a



to commission


Five Contemporary Studies for the Intermediate Harpist


by composer Michael Kahle!

Each piece will be designed to introduce a new harmonic or rhythmic idea in an engaging and accessible manner. 

Michael and I will be working closely together to ensure that this collection is both musically rich and accessible to intermediate harp technique. 

Imagine having an accessible, go-to collection to learn and teach contemporary styles!

You can have this and more in a few short months, if you join the...

Five Contemporary Studies Consortium

A consortium to commission an intermediate harp collection

A consortium is a group of supporting musicians that finance and promote a new commission.

This model both spreads the financial burden and generates interest in the new composition prior to publication. 

By joining this consortium,

you can support a living composer,

further the collaboration between composers and harpists,

and receive personalized access to this new collection. 

Varying support tiers available, depending on the level of involvement you would like. 


How does this consortium work?

You choose the tier level you would like to join. 

Once the consortium closes (March 6, 2021), Michael and I will begin the collaboration.

After the piece is finished (on or before July 1, 2021), digital scores will be distributed to all members.

After the score is distributed, the 5-month exclusivity period begins. 

During this time, you can perform the piece as much as you would like! (The more, the better!)

Once the exclusivity period is over, the collection will be negotiated for publication.

If you want to preview the composition, check out these SAMPLES!

Consortium Details:

Tier 1


Digital score and exclusive performing rights

Tier 2


Everything in Tier 1, plus

How to Edit as a Harpist (E-Book, value of $37)

Invitation to an exclusive 'Meet the Composer' chat

Tier 3


Everything in Tier 2, plus

Engraved and autographed score,

Score preview and feedback option before completion,

recognition in the dedication

Digital score and E-Book (Tier 2 and 3) delivery via email on or before July 1, 2021

Engraved score delivery via mail postmarked on or before August 1, 2021


1. What does exclusivity mean?

Under exclusivity, consortium members have exclusive access to the score and can perform the piece as many times as they wish during this period. After the exclusivity period ends, this work will be distributed and published. 

2. Does exclusivity include recording rights?

No, any for-profit or commercial recording must be approved by the composer.

3. Can I give feedback on the work?

Tier 3 consortium members are welcome to give feedback after reviewing the full preview score! Other comments are welcome; however, no changes will be made after the final score distribution.

4. Is the score printed or PDF?

All consortium members will receive a digital (PDF) copy of the score once the piece is completed. Tier 3 members will additionally receive an engraved and autographed copy by mail.

5. When will I get the music?

The digital scores will be distributed no later than July 1, 2021. The physical scores (Tier 3 only) will be sent by mail and postmarked no later than August 1, 2021.

6. Is there a deadline to join?

The consortium is open until March 6, 2021!