Harpist and New Music Advocate

After her initial exposure to modern music through undergraduate music theory classes, Danielle decided to pursue additional music theory studies to better understand the music that shapes composers today. Danielle holds a Master of Music degree in Harp Performance (2017) with a related field in Music Theory from the University of North Texas. She also earned two Bachelor of Music degrees (Harp Performance and Music Theory).   As a performer, she premiered dozens of solo and chamber compositions as a member of the University of North Texas NOVA (New Music) Ensemble and the Indiana University New Music Ensemble. She was also a regular performer on the UNT Spectrum Concert series, a program dedicated to performing new works by both students and faculty.

Danielle Kuntz new music harpist

As a classically-trained harpist, DANIELLE KUNTZ has always gravitated toward new and little performed music. Fueled by her desire to make the harp more accessible to non-harpist, composers, she has built a growing library of harp writing resources. Her YouTube channel, Compose Harp, is followed by composers and orchestrators around the world and includes a combination of tutorial videos and reviews of standard harp excerpts. Danielle also collaborates with composers around the United States to assist them in refining their harp writing technique. While most harpists prefer to work with established composers, Danielle believes it is especially important to make the harp accessible to composers during their more experimental endeavors.


Danielle Kuntz extended techniques on the harp

Danielle is an advocate for new music within the harp community and seeks to encourage harpists to move beyond their comfort zone and explore new music. She believes it is essential for the longevity of the harp for performers to collaborate with non-harpist composers to expand and diversify the current harp repertory. She has deep ties with the harp community through her experience of being a Harp Sales Specialist for Lyon & Healy West and Customer Service for Harp Column. 


Danielle currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband and daughter.